Poor Self-worth?

If you’re a Christian with any of those problems, you’re not alone.

Did you know the issues I mentioned often relate to childhood trauma from physical, sexual, or verbal abuse?

Did you know those problems are also possible if you were raised by an alcoholic or drug addict?

The same issues can appear in adults, who, as children, were abandoned, neglected, constantly fell short of their parent’s expectations, or never knew where they belonged after their parent’s divorce – the brain often interprets those events the same as abuse.

And did you know traumatic childhood events can negatively affect you even after you become a Christian?

Actually, your church is full of people with those same issues (I know this because I was a pastor). Unfortunately, many never get the help they need.

Hi, I’m Don. If what I’ve mentioned sounds like you, then reading the following articles may be your first step toward losing the pain of your past and finding peace at last.

But why is it that some Christians struggle so much with alcohol, drugs, porn, anger, and more? 

And what exactly is abuse?

Wait, you’re saying that abuse from my childhood could still be affecting me? How can I know?

Don Mondell
Addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and poor self-worth are some of the struggles of Christian survivors of childhood abuse. Don Mondell, BCCLC, is a Christian, board-certified master mental health & wellness life coach and former pastor with over 35 years of experience guiding abused Christians toward emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. Don is also the founder and former president of SoulCare Research and the developer of the counseling tools: HEARhelp and P.R.A.Y., used by Christian counselors worldwide. Don also served as a pastor for over 15 years and as a drug & alcohol rehabilitation instructor. Don is the founder and lead coach at