Find a better life beyond addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism & poor self-worth.

Are You Affected by Abuse?

Did you suffer abuse as a child? Before you dismiss the word “abuse,” please read my article, “What is abuse?” If you suffered abuse as a child, then you also have knowingly or unknowingly suffered the effects of trauma. If you need some help determining if you are affected, see the following questions & statements […]

What is Abuse?

What is abuse according to man; does God have a different definition, and do we need a new definition? Before I say anything further I want to clarify that I don’t consider myself THE authority on the subject of abuse. I am not suggesting that the world or Christianity must adopt my definition of abuse. I […]

I’m a Christian and I Have Anxiety

Jack was 41, a husband & father, a Christian for 19 years, a Sunday School teacher, and filled with anxiety. When Jack first walked into my office two things were obvious. He “appeared” as a confident man but he was full of fear. The only reason those two things were obvious to me was that […]

I’m a Christian and I Want a Divorce

Jeff & Megan came to me for help with their failing marriage — but they didn’t want help — they wanted a divorce. I’ve worked with scores of troubled marriages. Many of those couples want an elder, pastor or counselor to tell them divorce is okay. They kind of want permission. They are set on […]

I’m a Christian and I’m Addicted to Pornography

When Ken came to see me in regard to his pornography addiction, he had been “unraveling” psychologically, physically & spiritually for years. Now he was near undone. Ken was a husband & father, a respected business leader, an elder in his church and a Christian for over 23 years—he was also addicted to pornography the […]

I’m a Christian and I Struggled with Addictions & Anxiety

My pastor asked me to write and read a letter to our congregation about how God changed me. This is that letter. I’m a Christian and I was once addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & work. In the past, whenever I told my story, I mentioned my drug overdoses, crimes, and some of the terrible […]

What is the Trauma Tree of Broken Christians?

In my experience, no person who lived with the trauma of childhood abuse grows up without painful consequences. The Trauma Tree of Broken Christians shows how adults can “grow” addictions, anxiety, relationship failures and more from the “roots” of childhood abuse. My belief is that if a child experiences any of the “roots” described in […]

What is a Broken Christian?

Broken Christians are adults who, even though they are Christians, still struggle with issues that link to childhood trauma. Broken Christian sounds like two words, but I have placed them together to coin a term. That term, “broken Christian,” represents a condition. The condition is defined by identifying as a Christian while continually being hampered by issues such […]

Christian Adult Trauma Survivors – C.A.T.S.

C.A.T.S. describes what happened to them; Broken Christians is what they became. Perhaps the most interesting and potentially dangerous fact regarding C.A.T.S. is that most do not realize the issues (addictions, perfectionism, anger, anxiety, etc.) they have today are directly related to the abuse, neglect, abandonment or inappropriate relationships they endured as children. If they […]

What are soulSTEPS?

soulSTEPS are three steps a broken Christian takes to finding peace, passion & purpose. soulSTEP 1  soulHOPE — Peace for My Soul soulSTEP 2  soulFOCUS — Passion for My God soulSTEP 3  soulPURPOSE — Purpose for My Life soulHOPE is the first soulSTEP soulHOPE is about DELIVERANCE; it’s not about escape from demonic possession or oppression, it’s a process […]

What is Truth Encounter?

Truth Encounter is a form of meditative prayer effective in helping a Christian who may struggle with addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, self-worth or perfectionism. The process is led by a trained facilitator who uses the Bible to guide the practice and evaluate results. Truth Encounter Facts Some Christians are “broken” Christians; they struggle with addictions, anger, anxiety, […]

Is Truth Encounter The Same Thing As Counseling?

A dangerous concept is that Truth Encounter is simply another form of counseling. The question, “Is Truth Encounter counseling?” has most often been asked of me by counselors, and that is understandable, however, Truth Encounter is not counseling. Traditional counseling requires: Analysis Diagnosis Prescription Truth Encounter requires none of those disciplines. Truth Encounter is not about […]

Is Theophostic, Sozo or Inner Healing the Same as Truth Encounter?

Truth Encounter is not the same as Inner Healing, Theophostic Prayer, Sozo Prayer, Deliverance Prayer or Healing for Damaged Emotions. Truth Encounter is not new. To my knowledge, some concept of Truth Encounter has been in the public conscience since the 1950’s when the “Inner Healing” movement began. NOTE: My use of the title, Truth […]

Why Does Truth Encounter Work?

I am often asked, “Why does Truth Encounter work?” This is a common question; especially when the phrase “Truth Encounter” cannot be found within the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic texts of the Old & New Testament. The answer for “Why Does Truth Encounter Work?” is a sum of four different factors. To ensure the greatest […]

How Does Truth Encounter Work?

As to how Truth Encounter works, various people have said it works by healing memories—that is wrong. Truth Encounter, which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Inner Healing, has been described as memories being “healed.” The “healing” is a result of Jesus entering a person’s thoughts and explaining that the person has believed a lie. […]

Who Needs Truth Encounter?

Troubled Christians Will Benefit from Biblical Counseling; But There Are Certain Christians Who Benefit Most with Truth Encounter Truth Encounter candidates are Christians who want to please God and continue to try; yet they continue to struggle with any or all of these symptoms: failing marriage, addictions, anxiety, anger, depression, perfectionism, poor self-worth, and/or difficulty […]

Who Does NOT Need Truth Encounter?

“Who does not need Truth Encounter?” This is an important question because it’s incorrect to assume every Christian with ongoing issues also NEEDS Truth Encounter. Once people observe or personally experience success with Truth Encounter, it’s easy for them to assume every Christian with a problem is a candidate for Truth Encounter. While their conclusion is […]

Why Is It Called Truth Encounter?

Most often, I am asked, “Why is it called Truth Encounter?” First, Truth Encounter is not some Christianized incantation or a recitation of mystical words. It’s not chanting. It’s not a mantra. “Enlightenment” is not the goal, nor is “healing,” and the act of Truth Encounter itself does not have healing power. I chose to […]

Why Some People Will Fail After a Truth Encounter

For decades I have ministered Truth Encounter to broken Christians and I have seen many permanently freed from present issues related to past abuses. Some of the issues people have overcome are failed marriages, anger, anxiety, depression, poor self-worth, perfectionism, and addictions. The addictions overcome are multiple such as alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, food, shopping, […]

Is Truth Encounter Biblical?

To the question, “Is Truth Encounter Biblical?” I offer a three-part answer. The following is my three-part answer to the question, Is Truth Encounter Biblical? Part One is Processes. Part Two follows with Critics. Part Three concludes with Resources. Is Truth Encounter Biblical? PART 1: PROCESSES There are many unbiblical, purely psychological, and damaging approaches […]

What Do Truth Encounter Critics Say?

What do Truth Encounter Critics Say when asked why they believe Truth Encounter is unacceptable? Usually, their answer is: preaching, teaching or coaching & prayer is all that is needed to help a broken Christian. Let’s consider the idea that preaching, teaching or coaching & prayer is all that is needed to help a broken […]

How I Learned About Truth Encounter

In the early 90’s I had been a Christian counselor for several years. I managed to help many people, but with Christians who suffered childhood trauma—I often failed. I also thought I was the only Christian counselor consistently failing with victims of childhood emotional trauma; I was wrong. This is how I learned about Truth […]

Abuse Survivor Advocate…What Is That?

Abuse Survivor Advocate has become an official title in mental health care, as well as the legal society, for a person who comes alongside a survivor of abuse and helps them to recover wholeness in body & soul. There is a discussion about whether we should use “victim” or “survivor.” Without going into that discussion […]

Christian Life Coach…What is That?

Christian life coach? Is that like a gym trainer with a Bible? Not quite 🙂 I’m a health & wellness life coach, Board Certified through the International Board of Christian Care, and an Abuse Survivor Advocate with an emphasis on life recovery for Christian adult survivors of childhood trauma & abuse. I’m also a member of […]

Is Christian Coaching Biblical?

I believe that any time we discuss “Christian” we should also include in the discussion, “Bible.” I fail to see how a person can claim to be a Christian and have no regard or growing knowledge of the Bible, when the Bible is the  manual, guide, instructions, etc. for the faith of Christianity. We are […]

Christian Coaching – Should We Use Psychology?

There is an endless debate on whether Christian counselors and coaches should use only the Bible or include psychology in the ministry of Christian counseling or coaching. In the debate are two other questions. Is it appropriate for a Christian counselor or coach to adhere to and/or apply findings from secular research to their ministry? Should […]

How Then Shall We Live?

I am convinced that Christ is our example for how we are to live in a fallen world. Sin is sin before God. Thus, sin has been in us nearly from the beginning of time. Sin, when Jesus walked the earth, is sin today. The crucial question then is how did Jesus deal with it? […]