Find a better life beyond addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism & poor self-worth.

What are soulSTEPS?

by Don Mondell, BCCLC

Board Certified Mental Health & Wellness Life Coach

soulSTEPS at help Christians with problems like addiction, anger, anxiety, poor self-worth and perfectionism

soulSTEPS are three steps a broken Christian takes to finding peace, passion & purpose.

soulSTEP 1  soulHOPE — Peace for My Soul

soulSTEP 2  soulFOCUS — Passion for My God

soulSTEP 3  soulPURPOSE — Purpose for My Life

soulHOPE helps Christians who suffered childhood abuse such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and or parental neglect, abandonment or divorce. Many children who lived in a home with alcoholism or drug addiction will also struggle as adult Christians with anger, depression, addictions, perfectionism, anxiety and or poor self-worth.

soulHOPE is the first soulSTEP

soulHOPE is about DELIVERANCE; it’s not about escape from demonic possession or oppression, it’s a process that leads to losing the pain of the past and finding peace at last. Deliverance begins with a discussion of past & present issues and heads toward…

  • an encounter with the Trinity that results in…

  • changing my beliefs & actions that result in…

  • a new relationship with God based on love

soulHOPE leads to the second soulSTEP: soulFOCUS.

soulFOCUS at helps Christians who suffered childhood abuse and now struggle in their Christianity and relationship with God

soulFOCUS is the second soulSTEP

soulFOCUS is about DEVOTION; it’s cultivating the passion for Him that leads to experiencing His love anew. Devotion(s) is not as much a set time of day with religious duties to accomplish as it is…

  • cultivating a renewed relationship of value & joy with God by…

  • doing those things that maintain my valuable relationship with God, and…

  • pleasing my God with my mind, mouth & body throughout my day

soulFOCUS leads to the third soulSTEP: soulPURPOSE.


soulPURPOSE is the third soulSTEP

soulPURPOSE is about DIRECTION; it’s about learning why on earth I’m here, it’s finding God’s intention for my life. “Direction” is not a haphazard guess about what God wants me to do, it’s a thoughtful pursuit of…

  • learning one’s specific, God-given spiritual gifts & applications
  • understanding one’s unique, God-given personality type
  • formalizing one’s particular passion(s)

soulPURPOSE is the final soulSTEP.

soulHOPE, soulFOCUS & soulPURPOSE together fashion what was once a broken Christian into a whole Christian, in love with their God, being the person He created them to be and doing that which He placed them on earth to do.


What I have observed over these decades is many, many Christians attempting some form of soulFOCUS and even soulPURPOSE while yet not experiencing the freedom discovered within the step of soulHOPE.

This happens most often because a person does not see or understand how the certain things they struggle with now, are related to something that occurred in their past.

They may not consciously recall or dwell upon the inciting event in their past. They may not believe something from their past has caused them emotional pain that often leads to their present inappropriate behavior.

It is only with the soulSTEP of soulHOPE that this thing from the past can finally be put to rest. Until that is achieved, they usually go about their Christian experience “performing” all things expected of one who believes in Jesus. Unfortunately, without that true core issue from the past resolved, they will either have an often painful & frustrating Christian experience or at a minimum, a diminished Christian life.

In essence, the brothers & sisters I am speaking of can and do “perform” their Christian duties, i.e. attend church gatherings, prayer, Bible reading & study, etc., etc. Yet, they continually struggle with certain thoughts & actions that leave them unfulfilled; they may wonder—is this all there is? Is there no greater experience of being a Christian? Is there no relief to my suffering? Is there no end to my secret sin? Is there no hope for me?

As I have witnessed this in many, I have also developed from research, study & experience, what I consider to be the answer for these struggling believers. Indeed, I am grateful to God and the many Christians who have allowed me to be part of their healing & growth, their—soulSTEPS.