Find a better life beyond addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism & poor self-worth.

Christian Adult Trauma Survivors – C.A.T.S.

by Don Mondell, BCCLC

Board Certified Mental Health & Wellness Life Coach

C.A.T.S. describes what happened to them; Broken Christians is what they became.

Perhaps the most interesting and potentially dangerous fact regarding C.A.T.S. is that most do not realize the issues (addictions, perfectionism, anger, anxiety, etc.) they have today are directly related to the abuse, neglect, abandonment or inappropriate relationships they endured as children.

If they do not Biblically resolve the root of the trauma, they will continue to suffer.

To gain a clearer understanding of the condition of C.A.T.S., I suggest reading my article in which I give an overview of the situation most C.A.T.S. find themselves.

I want to state that C.A.T.S. is not a derogatory term, nor is it meant to be humorous. C.A.T.S. as an acronym is easily memorable and more important, it is a fast & accurate description of the situation of the affected person. My intention for using Christian Adult Trauma Survivors or C.A.T.S. is not to be clever, but to better help the afflicted.

Thus, in my writing and discussions, I will often use the term, C.A.T.S. Once a person understands the who & what C.A.T.S. describes, it makes communications faster & easier.

If C.A.T.S. describes you, I want you to know that you are not alone; there are many C.A.T.S. in your church. I also want you to know that this website and my entire ministry is dedicated to you and others like you.