Find a better life beyond addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism & poor self-worth.

How to Know if You’re a Broken Christian

by Don Mondell, BCCLC

Board Certified Mental Health & Wellness Life Coach

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Many Christians suffer in secret with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, or poor self-worth. The term I have coined to describe them is, broken Christian.

Please understand the term, broken Christian, is not derogatory, critical, or judgmental; I mean no disrespect. “Broken Christian” is only a title to convey the unfortunate situation in which many brothers and sisters in Christ find themselves trapped.

My Broken Christian Assessment is meant to be a tool for those who may, as of yet, still be uncertain regarding why they struggle with particular issues.

Most often, they struggle with these issues as adults, due to the unresolved trauma that occurred in their childhood as a result of some form of abuse. 

To determine if you are a broken Christian, simply answer the following questions. Think carefully and answer truthfully. No one will see your answers.

Keep in mind that human beings are complex creatures and it is possible that the results from an assessment like this may not always be 100% accurate. That said, the results of this assessment have shown to be correct more often than not.

Broken Christian Assessment

If your score is 12 or higher, you are likely still being negatively influenced by your past; you are most likely a broken Christian.

If that is you, please do consider my soulSTEPS to help you.