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What is a Broken Christian?

by Don Mondell, BCCLC

Board Certified Mental Health & Wellness Life Coach

Broken Christians are adults who, even though they are Christians, still struggle with issues that link to childhood trauma.

Broken Christian sounds like two words, but I have placed them together to coin a term. That term, “broken Christian,” represents a condition.

The condition is defined by identifying as a Christian while continually being hampered by issues such as addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, poor self-worth, perfectionism, or marriage or chronic relationship failures.

Not all Christians who experience some of those issues are broken Christians. I need to spend a little time with an individual to see if along with the presenting problem(s) there are also specific patterns.

That said, the vast majority of people I have worked to help in over 30+ years have been classic broken Christians.

What we can say is that most broken Christians often attend church or perhaps a Bible study. They pray and may be involved in some form of Christian service or outreach. However, they still suffer some or even all of the issues I have described.

Also, I’ve encountered Church leaders who are broken Christians. They’ve only mastered a way of living that allows them to continue in their leadership position while they secretly suffer.

A consistent fact is that most broken Christians do not realize the real source of their present-day issues.

They can also be in denial or have difficulty understanding how they have these issues, especially – after being a Christian for many years. This article explains broken Christians in detail.